Effect of Rhizobium inoculation and mycorrhizal fungi on some nutrient uptake by chickpea at different levels of iron sulfate fertilizer

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The study was designed to evaluate the impact of Rhizobium bacteria and mycorrhizal fungi and iron sulfate was performed on chickpea plants. Treatments Rhizobium bacteria (Inoculated and non-inoculated), mycorrhizal fungi (Glomus mosseae, Glomus intraradices and non-inoculated) and various amounts of iron sulfate fertilizer (0, 40 and 80 kg per hectare) with a factorial experiment in a randomized complete block design with three replications were conducted in the city of Sabzevar.The effects of three main factors and their interactions on yield, seed protein concentration in iron, zinc, phosphorus and sulfur in pea plants was studied. mycorrhizal combined and Rhizobium, mycorrhizal and fertilizer iron sulfate concentrations of all elements and performance than individual inoculation treatments Increased the species Glomus Mosse more than Glomus intraradices be successful. The interaction between treatments 5 and 1% probability level except for the seed sulfur concentration on all the parameters studied was significantly.
Key words: Rhizobium bacteria, iron sulfate, mineral concentration, mycorrhizal fungi, chickpea


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